Apr. 5th, 2009

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Most of you know that I somehow have a different identity on every site. Here, I'm wildcat88. I'm ruffles on GW, and frisco on fanfic.net.

A couple of weeks ago, I was notified as "ruffles" that I had been nominated for the SG Fan Awards. I was blown away. I always thought those actors who said it was an honor to be nominated were full of crap. Now I know differently. Anyway, I logged in under the id and password and found one of my stories - Time to Heal - had been nominated. I was floored, awed, humbled, and a little shocked that it was a het story since I can count on one hand the number of het stories I'd written. I am truly thankful to whomever nominated that fic.

So imagine my surprise today when I had a message telling me I hadn't placed my fics yet. Under wildcat88. Aha! That double pseudonym rears its ugly head. Hee! I logged in under that id and found seven (SEVEN!) other fics had been nominated.

I am simply speechless. Again, if you nominated me, I am humbled beyond belief that you considered my story good enough for an award. I have happily placed my nominations. Thank you so very much. You guys rock!

Nominated fics are:

A Matter of the Heart

Shield of Protection

How to Lose Your Mind in Seven Days

Field Experience

Until Under a Better Sky

Token of Appreciation

The Bite of Delusion


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