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My master list of fics for 2007. All stories are gen unless specifically noted otherwise.


Title: Reactions 
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Team
Word Count: 947
Summary: missing scene from Irresponsible; Sheppard deals with Kolya

Title: What He Had to Do
Rating:  PG-13
Characters: Team
Word Count: 5742
Summary: Sheppard is injured when the team goes off-world to explore an Ancient outpost.

Title: 25 Years
Rating: PG
Characters: Rodney McKay
Word Count: 1510
Summary: tag to Tao of Rodney. McKay reflects on how his life has changed.

Title: You Won't Find the Answers There
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Team
Word Count: 6387
Warning: Written before S4 based on known spoilers. Minor character death.
Summary: John struggles to deal with the changes around him.

Title: Childhood
Rating: PG
Characters: Ronon, Radek
Word Count: 914
Summary: missing scene from Echoes. Ronon and Radek on their camping trip.

Title: Girls Poker Night
Rating: G
Characters: Weir, Teyla, Cadman, Hewston
Word Count: 1004
Summary: The girls compare scars and stories during a poker game.

Title: Not in Vain
Rating: PG
Characters: Beckett, Team
Word Count: 607
Summary: missing scene from Instinct. Carson waits while the team tracks down Ellia.

Title: Fractured
Rating: G
Characters: Weir, Team
Word Count: 1317
Summary:  tag to Trinity. Weir tries to make peace between the team members.

Title: Strange People, These Lanteans
Rating: G
Characters: Team
Word Count: 838
Summary: tag to Condemned. Ronon reflects on the new home he's found.

Title: One of Them
Rating: G
Characters: Carson, Weir, McKay
Word Count: 885
Summary: missing scene from Conversion. Carson refuses to let anyone else die due to his retrovirus.

Title: A Toast
Rating: PG
Characters: Team, Weir, Caldwell
Word Count: 1401
Summary: tag to Aurora. Everyone has something on their mind after the Aurora's destruction.

Title: Nothing Alike
Rating: PG
Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Zelenka
Word Count: 1713
Summary: An Ancient device tosses Sheppard, McKay, and Zelenka into an alternate reality.

Title: Consequences
Rating: PG
Characters: Sheppard, Landry, Everett
Word Count: 2127
Summary: missing scene from Intruder. An overheard conversation produces memories of killing Sumner.

Title: Enough or Too Much
Rating: PG
Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Weir, Beckett
Word Count: 1546
Summary: tag to The Lost Boys/The Hive. Sheppard and McKay discuss Rodney's decision to take the enzyme. 

Title: Fields of Green
Rating: PG
Characters: Sheppard, everybody else. Even SG-1
Word Count: ~34,500
Summary: An entry in the Ancient database about a research lab leads the team to Grala where everything isn't quite as perfect as it appears.
Title: Abandoned
Rating: PG
Category: Het
Character: Sheppard
Word Count: 2112
Summary: missing scene from Epiphany. John has longstanding abandonment issues.

Title: Breakfast
Rating: G
Category: Het
Characters: Ronon/OFC, Teyla/Lorne, Sheppard/OFC, McKay/Brown
Word Count: 1223
Summary: The team has dates for breakfast.

Title: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Rating: PG
Characters: Rodney, Teyla
Word Count: ~2400
Summary: tag to Phantoms. Rodney reflects on what he knows about Sheppard's past.

Title: Failure
Rating: PG
Characters: Mara, Otho
Word Count: ~1000
Summary:  missing scene from The Tower. Political intrigue abounds.

Title: Kicking and Screaming
Rating: PG
Characters: Weir, Sheppard, Carson, Lorne
Word Count: ~2200
Summary: tag to The Long Goodbye. Phebus didn't want to go at all.

Title: Walls
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Rodney, Jeannie, John, Ronon
Word Count: ~5000
Summary:  Rodney has to deliver the news of Sunday.

Title: A Moment of Clarity
Rating: PG
Characters: Ladon Radim, Sheppard, McKay 
Word Count: ~1300
Summary: tag to Coup d'Etat. Ladon quietly observes Sheppard and McKay

Title: What's in a Name?
Rating: PG
Character: Michael
Word Count: ~1600
Summary:  tag to Michael. After the Wraith reclaim him, Michael tries to find his place.

Title: Retribution
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Team
Word Count: 5173
Summary: Sheppard is captured off-world and hunted in retribution for his prior acts.

Title: Secondary Defense
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sheppard, O'Neill
Word Count: 5422
Summary: Sheppard and O'Neill take a jumper for a ride.

Title: The Twelfth Hour
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sheppard, Weir
Word Count: 5486
Summary: McKay and Weir are missing, and Sheppard goes to find them.

Title: Crimes Against Humanity
Rating: PG-13
Characters:  Sheppard, McKay
Word Count: 6149
Summary: Sheppard and McKay are sentenced to prison for waking the Wraith.

Title: To Whom It May Concern
Rating: G
Characters: Carter, Sheppard, Weir
Word Count: 1697
Summary: Written before S4 started based on known spoilers. Carter finds a message Weir left.

Title: More Than Meets the Eye
Rating: PG
Characters: Lorne, Ronon, Sheppard
Word Count: ~3300
Summary: tag to Common Ground. Lorne is in the infirmary after surgery when they bring Sheppard back.

Title: Whispering Names
Rating: PG
Characters: Team
Word Count: 1368
Summary: Ronon struggles to put his past behind him and move forward.

Title: The Way Home
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Team, Beckett, Weir
Word Count: ~35,000
Summary:  Security protocols on an Ancient outpost separate the team and leave Sheppard and McKay injured.

Title: Two Rules to Live By
Rating: G
Characters: Sheppard
Word Count: 252
Summary: tag to Lifeline. John broke a rule today.

Title: Vacation
Rating: PG
Characters: Team
Word Count: 889
Summary: The team takes a couple of days off.

Title: Memento
Rating: G
Characters: Rodney
Word Count: ~700
Summary: tag to Reunion. Rodney takes something to remember Ronon by.

Title: A Dish Best Served Cold
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sheppard, McKay
Word Count: 4055
Summary: John returns to Earth to settle an old score.

Title: The Box
Rating: PG
Characters: McKay, Teyla
Word Count: 707
Summary: tag to Doppleganger. Teyla gets some assistance boxing up Kate's belongings.

Title: The Whole is Greater than the Sum
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam, team
Word Count: 991
Summary: tag to Travelers. Sam observes the team when they return with John in tow.

Title: Useless
Rating: PG
Characters: Ronon, Teyla, Carter
Word Count: 1438
Summary: tag to Miller's Crossing. Teyla finds out what happened and offers counsel to Ronon.

Title: Counting the Cost
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Team
Word Count: 2429
Summary: tag to Miller's Crossing. Nightmares plague John.

Title: Resolutions
Rating: PG
Characters: Teyla, McKay
Word Count: 1649
Summary: Teyla celebrates New Year's Eve the Athosian way.

Title: Not Good Enough
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Team
Word Count: ~7800
Summary:  The team helps with quake relief efforts on another world.


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