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My 2008 fics. Newest are at end. All stories are gen unless otherwise noted.

TitleAdverse Reaction
Word Count: ~5600
Characters: Team
Summary: Tag to Irresistable.

Word Count: ~7700
Characters: Team, Carson
Summary: The team and Beckett explore a medical research facility.  Not all goes as planned.

TitleThe Lies We Tell
Word Count: ~2400
Characters: Sheppard, McKay
Summary:  After the events of Quarantine, John tries to get McKay to talk.

TitleIf You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em
Word Count:  ~900
Characters: Sheppard
Summary: Tag to Harmony

TitleOne Last Thing to Take Care Of
Word Count: ~500
Characters: Sheppard
Summary: Tag to Outcast

Title: Language Lesson
Word Count: ~900
Characters: Radek, Vala
Summary: Missing scene from SG-1's Pegasus Project

TitleWhat If
Word Count:  ~10,000
Characters: Team, Weir, Beckett
Summary: How SG-1's tampering with the timeline in Moebius would affect the Atlantis expedition.

Title: Freedom
Word Count: ~700
Characters: David Sheppard, John Sheppard
Summary: A look at John's fascination with flying through his brother's eyes.

Title: How to Lose Your Mind in Seven Days
Word Count: ~3200
Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Lee, Kavanagh, OCs
Summary: A puddlejumper is a tight fit for six men especially when two of them are Lee and Kavanagh. Tag to Midway.

Word Count:  ~1650
Characters: McKay, Sheppard, Keller, Zelenka
Summary:  Sometimes the worst pressure is the self-imposed kind. Tag to The Kindred.

TitleUntil Under a Better Sky
Word Count: ~1200
Characters:  Ronon, Rodney, Sam
Summary:  Sometimes you have to follow your own path. Missing scene from The Last Man.

TitleA Time to Heal
Word Count:  ~3200
Category:  Het
Characters: McKay, Keller
Summary:  Circumstances and a three week journey put everything in a different light. Missing scenes from The Last Man.

TitleCrazy Glue
Word Count: ~3000
Characters:  Sheppard, McKay, Keller
Summary:  Rodney works through a medical crisis with the help of his friends. Sequel to Shattered.

Word Count:  ~3700
Characters:  Team
Summary:  A gift for Teyla brings back memories one quiet afternoon on Atlantis.

TitleTrial by Fire
Word Count: ~4100
Characters:  Team
Summary:  Fire burns everything in its path.  It's inescapable, unreasonable.  And it wants John.

Title: No Matter What
Word Count: ~9700
Characters: Team, Carter
Summary: Sheppard and McKay struggle to survive on a brutal world as Atlantis races to find them.

Title: Just Another Day at the Office
Word Count: ~2500
Characters: Lorne, Zelenka, Sheppard, McKay
Summary: Lorne and Zelenka hide in an unusual room as they await rescue from the Wraith.

Title: I Think, Therefore I Am
Word Count: ~6000
Characters:  Team
Summary: The Otalpans are a people in need of technical assistance. And then Rodney McKay shows up.

Title: A Matter of the Heart
Word Count: ~9500
Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Teyla, Keller, Carter
Summary: John fights for his life as he battles a serious illness with his team at his side.

Title: The Whole of Life
Word Count: ~6000
Characters: Team
Summary: A mission goes horribly wrong leaving McKay stranded, Teyla and Sheppard injured, and Ronon struggling to make sense of the new team he's joined.

Title: Helping Hands
Word Count: ~8700
Characters: John, Teyla, cameo by Carter
Summary: John and Teyla search for the Athosians after a possible clue is found during the clean up of the settlement.

Title: Evidence of Existence
Word Count: ~3500
Characters: Team
Summary: A flash flood separates the team during a mission. Still reeling from the death of Carson, John struggles to deal with the possible loss of two more.

Title: Right Field
Word count: ~2500
Characters: Rodney, Jeannie 
Summary: A summer spent at Grandma's brings a new experience for Rodney. Baseball.

Title: Five Post-it Notes Found around Atlantis
Word Count: 5 embedded images
Characters: Team
Summary: The title says it all.

Title: Aftermath
Word Count: ~4800
Characters: John, Rodney
Summary:  Atlantis experiences unexplained malfunctions, and only John can save her.

Title: Brothers
Word Count: ~4600
Characters: David Sheppard, Nancy, Rodney, Ronon, cameos by various others
Summary: Nancy and David learn that John has been declared KIA. Missing scenes from The Last Man.

Title: Balance
Category: Het
Word Count: ~13,000
Characters: Team, Woolsey, OCs
Summary: Life crumbles for Rodney McKay. A special emissary is sent to help him find his way. It's a Wonderful Life SGA style

Title: Paperwork
Word Count: 200
Characters: Shen, OC
Summary: Tag to The Seed

Title: Proper Motivation
Word Count: ~7,500
Characters: Team, Carson, Keller, Woolsey
Summary: A man can do unbelievable things with the proper motivation. Even Rodney McKay.

Title: Identity Crisis
Word Count: ~3100
Characters: Team, Zelenka, Woolsey, Kanaan
Summary: Ronon has always known who he was. Until now. Surrounded by reminders of his failure, he tries to find his way.

Title: Sparring Tips
Word Count: ~140
Characters: Rodney, Ronon
Summary: Sometimes visuals are better than explanations.

Title: Token of Appreciation
Word Count: ~2300
Characters: Sheppard, McKay
Summary: A package for Sheppard holds a small token of appreciation and memories of the past.

Title: A Thin Line
Word Count: ~10,400
Characters: Team, Carter, Keller
Summary:  Rodney discovers how treacherous trade negotiations can be.

Title: Aja
Word Count: ~1250
Characters: Ronon, OC
Summary: Ronon celebrates his sixth birthday.

Title: Shield of Protection
Word Count: ~5200
Characters: Team
Summary: John and Teyla must fight their way out of a city during a riot.

Title: Rescue
Word Count: ~500
Characters: Team
Summary: Sheppard is injured and the team has to find him in time. (Note: Dialogue only.)

Title: What Might Have Been
Word Count: ~500
Characters: John, Rodney, OC
Summary: A prison guard meets John and Rodney

Title: His People
Word Count: ~500
Characters: Woolsey, Lorne, Teyla
Summary: Woolsey is rescued. (Note: No dialogue)

Title: The World is My Creation (co-authored with kristen999 and everybetty)
Word Count: ~16,000
Characters: Team, OC
Summary: The goal of every mission is to make contact with people, explore and discover new things, and try not to die. On an everchanging world where nothing is what it appears, the staying alive part is the biggest challenge.
Title: The Bite of Delusion
Word Count: ~400
Characters: John, Teyla
Summary: John has to protect himself from a delusional Teyla.

Title: An Infirmary Christmas
Word Count: ~13,650
Characters: Team, OC, cameos by almost everyone else
Summary: On a world that believes Atlantis is a myth and the Wraith are childhood tales, Sheppard and his team are captured for information. Surviving is only the beginning.

Title: Field Experience
Word Count: ~2400
Characters: Rodney, Radek, Ronon, John
Summary: A surprise off-world raid leaves Rodney separated from his team and in charge of protecting a group of scientists.

Title: That Which Does Not Kill
Word Count: ~7000
Characters: Zelenka, Lorne, cameos by several others
Summary: During a routine flight, the jumper suffers serious damage, stranding an injured Lorne and Zelenka on an uninhabited world.

Title: Responsibility
Word Count: ~4400
Characters: Team
Summary: Temporarily in charge of Atlantis, John must find a way to repair a badly damaged city and keep her inhabitants alive.

Title: Insanity is Contagious
Word Count: ~400
Characters: Rodney, Ronon
Summary: Rodney and Ronon are trapped in a burning building.


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